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Upcoming Fall/Winter Trends

Upcoming Fall Winter trends to look out for

If you’re loving the bright, bold patterns this summer, do not fret – forecasts call for fun designs and eye-popping color combinations all season long.  Many times when colder weather hits, there is a tendency to ditch all colourful regalia for a more somber attire, but as the days get shorter, there’s no need to dull your duds.  This upcoming fall season, keep an eye out for interesting color combinations involving maroons, corals, mustards, teals, and blues (sky’s the limit!). But, as always, when you are scoping for these colors, be mindful of each individual color – forego neon tones for hues a step deeper – think raspberry vs. stop sign red, deeper royal blues over a lighter azure.

If you love the colorful looks but are intimidated by the task of color coordination, monochromatic looks are very prominent, as well as a great gateway to color matching.  Pick a color that catches your eye (best to start on the darker end) and work with colors in that family. Find a rich, dark teal and you can pair it with the gamut of greens and blues available. Do keep in mind to look for tones with enough disparity so the look shows color range, not the color mismatch.

Lastly, if you are not quite ready to dive into a coral suit and a floral shirt, keep an eye out for bold accessories.  A boldly patterned tie on a crisp shirt, or bright socks combined with a gallant pochette. To keep your look up to date, be mindful of the patterns you choose – select more abstracted patterns and season independent themes.  Give that pineapple short some time to hibernate for next spring!

Becky Gaber has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with experience in buying for both menswear and accessories. She is the Lead Designer for Andrew’s Milano.

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