Custom Necktie

Corporate Necktie Gifts

Why do gifts such as corporate neckties work as a client gift?

Companies all over the world struggle with ideas as to what to give their clients.  They want to give a gift their client will use and at the same time, they want to make sure that the gift promotes their brand and reminds the customer of their service and/or product every time it is interacted with.  There are thousands of promotional products out there, and each one has strengths and weakness.  Allow me to explain the main benefits of giving your clients custom neckwear with your corporate logo and branding embedded within it.

The key to a necktie gift is all in the design and craftsmanship.  If your corporate branding is tacky and to in the face of the client – he will not be comfortable wearing it.   The tie must show the brand in a subtle way and at the same time be a design that business professionals feel comfortable wearing to their offices and meetings.   When our design team begins the process of designing a tie, we sit down and understand who the end user is and what the goal is and design with that in mind from the beginning.   We place the logo in a way that it elevates the tie and does overstate it in a showy manner.  This makes for a special gift as the customer can feel confident wearing the necktie without having to explain why or where he got it as a gift.

The Andrew’s advantage is that we are in the business of selling neckwear at retail.  Our team has extensive knowledge of what styles executives lean towards and what kind of suits they generally wear.  Taking all of this into account, your brand will come alive and when your clients put the necktie on as he will be reminded of the service your company has provided him in a positive light.

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